Triple the action…for your face.

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According to their website, they claim this beauty balm will help even skin tone, give UV protection, and reduce wrinkles. Personally, I’m in love. After using it once, I was hooked. It may be one of my top favorite products of the moment. It goes on so smooth, covers almost every imperfection, and looks amazing! At first sight, it almost looks like a slight greyish tinted foundation. Im not sure what the color would look like on darker skin tones, but for my warm under toned, yet pale skin, it blends in flawlessly.

Here are a few facts about the product:

Contains effective anti-oxidation ingredients for wrinkle reduction
Anti-oxidation ingredients as BioPeptide, EGF, and Acasia collagen bring back skin to original condition.

White gold ingredient increases skin protection
Contains white gold which eliminates harmful ingredients and cleanses the skin to increase protection. High level of coverage hides blemishes for a natural look and also maintains softness, and moisture  for a long time.

If you’re looking for a product to do triple duty, and make you’re skin look flawless while doing it, then this is the product for you!

Price: $39

Check out more Dr. Jart products at Sephora.


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