This color is art…

The color of grace, is a beautiful blush palette by Philosophy.

The pale pink shades blend together to create a slight shimmery glow on your cheekbones. I admit that the cute packaging is what sold me at first, and the pretty pink shade inside, was an added bonus! I used a kabuki brush to blend this on my high cheekbones, after using a bronzer for contour. It added just the right amount of highlight and pink tint, without looking overdone. It seems to last all day without reapplying, though I have yet to try it out while baking in the sun, where most makeup melts off your face in no time. I definitely recommend trying out this blush if you’re looking for a shimmery pink highlighting shade, but it may not be for you if you want a matte blush, or a bright pink punch of color. As for me, I think its a perfect shade to go with your bronzer this summer!

You can find this Philosophy blush for $35 at Macys. *click pic to go there!*


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