Element Water – Caffeinated H2O

So apparently it’s been my job to try out all these new bottled waters. Today, I got the chance to try a bottle of Element energy water. And now, I am wired.

One bottle of Element water packs as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or a bottle of diet soda. I rarely drink either, so right now I am ready to go. What I like about Element water is that it tastes exactly like water. There is no sign of the caffeine or the L-theanine that is packed inside each bottle. Without any taste (like water is supposed to be) it goes down nice and easy.

The backstory of how Element water was created is pretty cool. The drink’s creator was on a crowded flight from New York to California. While trying to decide whether he wanted coffee or water, he asked himself why he couldn’t have both. From that one idea comes this new drink that now has people getting through their workday, staying awake and hydrated at the same time.

Element water is bottled not far from where I live, so I can pick it up at my local super market. But if can’t find it at a store near you,  you can order it online by visiting their website. If you are a big water drinker,but cannot start your day without that little extra boost, I strongly suggest giving Element water a try.

DVD Extras:

The little lady wasn’t sure how I was going to describe the rush I had from drinking element. I almost posted a youtube clip of me getting “energized,” but I don’t think the world would have been able to handle it.

After drinking my bottle of Element, I lost an email I was writing. The misses told me to try and pull info from an old e-mail, but I said it was ok, I could write a brand new one because I was “on the caffeine.” Yeah, those were my exact words.

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