Boobzie – Cans for your cans

Every once in a while, we get a new product we can have some fun with. This is one of them. See ya later foam coozies, there is a new lady in town. She is big, busty, and going to keep my drinks cool. Here we go, this is my little tongue in cheek look at the Boobzie Drink Holder.

After getting two sent to me, the little lady asked what I was going to say about the Boobzie. I told her I had plenty to say. Is it functional and keeps my drinks cool and comfortable in my hand? Yes. Does it have a silly phrase on it, allowing me to break the ice at parties and other social functions? It sure does. And, Does it pack a nice chesty look, that will have all the guys asking, “Where can I get   a lady like that?” You know it!

There are already over a dozen different kind of Boobzie girls you can find in stores or order online for your next kegger. But who will you choose? the MILF, Mrs. Robinson, or Sasha who says it takes two to party. I was visited by Pamela who says size matters and Sheila, who reminds me I am a total Mack Daddy. Whatever you’re in the mood for  their is a lady waiting to hold your drink in style.

What I also think is so great about Boobzie, They will make your own personal Boobzie girl. You just need to order at least  500 of them. So if you’re planning on throwing one heck of a party, before inviting me; be sure to invite your own personal Boobzie girl. I’m rooting for one that says, “racks on racks.” Get on it guys.

If you want to pick up a Boobzie or two for yourself, check out your local liquor store. If they don’t have them there, demand they get some in stock, or order online at

DVD Extras:

I found that when not holding a drink, my Boobzie made an excellent wrist wrest for me, while i was writing this review. Moving my mouse around has never felt so nice.

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