A hot hue for summer…

Check out Sephora Collection Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm in Paradisso Purple It was love at first sight as soon as I removed the top. Its a lipstick (or lip balm, as they call it) like I’ve ever seen before. Almost transparent, and yet, such an amazing shade of purple. I couldn’t wait to try this! It goes on smooth, and dries to a matte finish, which I totally love right now since thats a big trend. You wouldn’t expect much color to come out of something so translucent, but it builds to a beautiful shade of pink. Its fairly bright, and I think it would compliment almost anyones skin tone. It lasts for hours, and doesn’t rub off, but it can be slightly drying, which makes the lip balm part not make much sense. It should just be called a lip stick, or lip stain even.

I purchased this at Sephora on sale for only $3! I wish I had bought stock in them! They only have the hot pink shade left online, so if you’re interested, buy it asap. Or, you can also find them on ebay & amazon.

similar translucent sticks:
Maybelline ColorSensational Neons , Madina Exact color, & DuWop Ice Teas


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