blk. Bottled Water – The Dark Side of H2O

So I’ve always wanted to try blk. Water as soon as I first saw it. I had seen it in stores, but didn’t want to run the risk of buying a bottle and not liking it. But after my area supermarket dropped the price to a dollar a bottle I could not resist.

What makes blk. water different from any other bottled water, aside from being, well, black; the water also has over 70 trace minerals and electrolytes. Now that’s pretty good. Typical bottled waters contain just water. But when you look at the label of blk. water, you really don’t know what minerals are found in each bottle. It’s those minerals along with Fulvic Acid that make the water turn black.

So you would think all those minerals and Fulvic Acid would change the taste of the water. But not really. It tastes like any other bottled water. The only difference, is that you get a slight mineral aftertaste. But it’s not bad. To me, it’s just a sign that I drank something good for me. One thing I did notice when having a bottle of blk. is that I did not drink it as fast as regular water. I can usually chug down a bottle of water, but I was little more paced when drinking blk. water.

According to the water’s website: Fulvic trace minerals play a critical role in the growth of plant life, assisting in the transport and absorption of nutrients inside the plant cell. What is Fulvic Acid REALLY? Well I had to look it up. And I am still not sure. I checked wikipedia, and all I could find out is that Fulvic Acid is a different form of Humic Acid. Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Humic Acids are found in coal and dirt. Oh yeah, and its also produced by biodegration and dead organic matter. But ok, enough of  science class.

This stuff isn’t just tinted black. IT IS BLACK. No light whatsoever passes through the bottle. It’s as if Guiness had gotten into the water business. It’s actually pretty cool to see in person. It’s so dark, I didn’t notice the phrase “enjoy the dark side” on the label until I started drinking.

The Bottom line is blk. water is good and a great addition to your day if you are looking to maintain your body’s balance. You can check out blk. water yourself by visiting their website.

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When trying to write this review my computer insisted I was spelling blk. wrong Each time i   typed it, my computer insisted I was trying to spell bloke. So that was fun hah.

When writing this review, the misses asked what I wrote. She says I should have used the phrase “Once you go blk, you never go back.”

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