IZZE Sparkling Birch – But Don’t Call it Soda

The misses and I love Birch Beer Soda, when we saw this stuff we knew we had to pick up a 4 pack to try out. We spotted this at a local all natural food store. Making the purchase even better… we paid 4 bucks. Nothing like supporting local business and getting delicious drinks for cheap.

Now getting down to business, IZZE drinks are not soda. The company markets its drinks as sparkling juice. According to their website, it’s drinks are an all-natural blend of pure fruit juice and sparkling water. Their drinks are also caffeine free and naturally sweetened.

When it comes to the flavor of the soda, first sip was not what I expected. But that all comes down to it’s all natural ingredients. I compared this birch drink to two other birch beer brands I’ve had in the past. One big difference: Sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup. It’s a topic we are starting to see every where. While that first sip of IZZE didn’t pull me in, It quickly grew on me. By my second bottle, I was loving the flavor.

Because of the use of natural ingredients, the drink is a little bit healthier than sodas. An entire 12 ounce bottle of IZZE is about 120 calories. 12 ounces of some birch beer sodas can reach 180 calories.

According to IZZE’s website, the drink maker’s missing is to produce the highest quality, all-natural sparkling fruit juices that are refreshing, healthy and pure. And well guys, I’d say the sparkling birch is a success. I cannot wait to try more flavors. The little lady is already eyeing the orange flavors.

The Bottom Line:

IZZE’s Sparking Birch drink is good, but has a different taste than some birch beer sodas. If you’re already a fan of Birch Beer, do not expect the same sweet taste. While delicious, IZZE’s Sparkling birch has a slightly different taste.

IZZE drinks are sold at stores nationwide, including Target and Whole Foods. To find a location nearest you visit online at http://www.IZZE.com


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