Going Natural Around the Eyes

I’ve been trying to go natural/organic with a lot of my beauty products lately, and in trying to do so, I’ve been testing a lot of different products out in order to find my faves (and, of course, what works!) so I can share with other people in their search.

I recently purchased this product on eBay, for a great deal, and may be buying more in the near future. You can see their claims on the side of the box, which usually arent true with most products, but I can already see a slight change in my dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes, and its only been a week since I started using this. It’s not heavy, doesn’t smell, and is easy to use right after you clean your face at night. I’m very happy with it so far, and I’m hoping the best results are yet to come! I will update this post in about another week to see if there are any more visible changes.

Are you trying to switch your beauty routine to natural products as well? or at the very least, paraben free? If so, give this product a try. I think you’ll like it.

If you want to try this stuff yourself, you can pick some up at: http://handbagel.ecrater.com/

2 week update:
A slight decrease in dark circles, I’m not so sure if its 44%, but its definitely noticeable to me! Thankfully I don’t normally have puffiness, so I can’t say it did much here, but fine line reduction seemed slight, and thats better than nothing.

3 week update:
A definite moisture, and firmness increase then before, which helps plump the fine lines around the eyes. Again, I’m not so sure its 54% for me, but its noticeable.


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