Yikes! There is a squid at my desk! Nope, just my power supply

They are ugly, bulky, and are unable to handle more than a few gadgets at the same time. I am not talking about some of your ex-girlfriends. I’m talking about old powerstrips. Sure many gadgets have gotten rid of the big bulky box for plugging things in, but for the ones that still use them, you can only plug in a few things at the same time. But help is here!! The people at Flexity have created and sent to me the Powerquid!

Instead of having all six outlets in line with each other, The “Squid” surge protector has six separate cables. This way you can plug in whatever you need without the other plugs getting in the way. The six cables come in three different lengths. To add some extra flare two of the cables have glowing LED lights at the end of the cables.

The ‘Squid also have a connectivity protector for you phone line as well as your cable. Just plug in the correct cables into the head of the ‘Squid and your cable and phone or DSL line are protected form possible power surges.

The Lowdown:

So here it is. I love this product. But It’s a powerstrip substitute. I think the ‘Squid would work best as just that. I wouldn’t use it as a power supply that is always accessible for me to plug in random things when I need. I find it most useful behind the TV or computer desk. Just plug it into the wall, plug in your devices, and forget it. The individual cables make plugging in anything a snap without having to rearrange what you already have plugged in. The added feature for cable makes it even better behind the TV. The ‘Squid comes with The PureStream power filter. It helps deflect any electromagnetic interference to give your cable the best possible signal.

The only downfalls to the ‘Squid is its hefty price. The model I used costs 70 dollars from powersquid’s website. If that is too much for your budget I suggest heading to their website to see some of the other models they offer. Some cost as low as six dollars. And while it is not a surge protector, it gives you the convenience of plugging in your boxy power supplies. The cheapest squid with surge protection costs about 30 dollars. Not bad considering the damage a power surge could do to your gadgets.. Trust me, losing a computer to a power outage is not fun!

This all that said, I say The Flexity Powersquid is a great addition to any home theater or home office. Now ditch those old powerstrips and pick some up.

For more information on this and any of the powersquid products, head to their website, http://www.powersquid.com.

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