MW3, Battlefield 3, Who Cares; at least you can mock 12 Year Olds

True Fidelity Multimedia Headphones by: Able Planet 

MSRP: $99.99

The ultimate fighting machine! If you are a multi-media guru and looking for a headphone to perform as well as you do, look no further. The PS500MM has all the required tools necessary to work with your computer.


The audio quality from the headphones are absolutely stunning. The have excellent sound with a great range.The Microphone also has great pickup. Since the mic is attached by a flexible arm, it is sure to fit any face without getting in the way.

This set also comes with a USB adaptor allowing you to plug in both the headphone and the line-in into a USB port. What’s even better is it was plug and play on my macbook.. And that my friends is a HUGE plus.


The Headphones can be a little awkward to wear at first. When I first put them on, it felt like they were on backwards.. But it was just the way they sat on my head.. But after wearing them for a little while I couldn’t even tell they were there.. So that’s a plus.

I like the headphone end of this set that I wish I could remove the mic so I could use them just as headphones and use them with my iPod. Because face it, I would look pretty weird walking down the street with a gamers headset on.

The Lowdown:

These headphones are great. If you are big into Skyping, Voip conversations.. Or Call of Duty.. These are a sure fire way to amp up your game. With these headphones you’ll be put right into the game.. While being able to communicate with your teammates… but for you more casual people calling grandma has never been so clear.


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