High Tech Home Theater – FreeAgent Theater

Seagate’s  FreeAgent Theater

Share and enjoy your memories in a comfortable, social environment such as your living room.

The Seagate FreeAgent Theater media player solution consists of three components: a media player dock, a PC dock and a FreeAgent Go portable hard drive. With two easy steps, you will be viewing and sharing your favorite photos, movies and music in no time! Luckily for me, I was sent one to test out.

Simply place the FreeAgent Go portable hard drive into the PC docking station and it automatically copies your photos, movies and music from the PC to the drive. Then docking the FreeAgent Go portable hard drive into the FreeAgent Theater media player, connected to the TV, puts your entire media library at your fingertips with 1080i High-Definition playback and crystal clear Dolby Digital 5.1 audio surround sound support


This thing is easy to use! If you’ve used a flash drive, thumb drive, an external hard drive… or hell even a floppy disk you can use this machine. The First time I used this I just had to pop the FreeAgent external HD to my computer… dragged a few files over and was ready to watch some movies. As soon as I plugged it in… I was amazed. I was able to all my video clips I had on my computer as well as video I shot with my digital camera.

The Theater has a very to use interface. It’s remote is very similar to one you would use on a DVD player. Use the arrows to navigate, press the center button to advance. But the remote is pretty tiny so don’t lose it. Why does everything have to be so slim line anyways? But if you do lose it don’t worry. There are built in function buttons right on the unit. Perfect for turning it on and hitting play all in one burst.

What also nice about this device is the storage media is removable. Have another FreeAgent Drive? Stick it in there and fire it up. You’re good to go. The Theater also has a front panel USB Port. This way you can plug in anything else to and watch your files. That covers everything from digital cameras, flash drives, and other portable and external harddrives…. Giving you practically and endless amount of drive space that can be used on this device.


The first problem I had with this machine as soon as I opened the box… There is no HDMI support. Sure you can still get a full 1080 picture with component cables… but I think an HDMI port would have made this simple to use device even simpler. This way instead of having to plug in several cables it’s just the one. But that’s only a minor flaw.

The Theater also has some compatibility issues. But I don’t even consider that a big flaw… I came across only a few files that wouldn’t open…. All of which I pulled randomly from the internet.  I feel like if any new format came later down the road a simple update patch could be put on the web for download.

The Bottom Line:

This thing is amazing! I typically keep my Theater in my living room… but the other day I had some friends over who wanted to watch a movie. So I brought out the theater and fired up a movie. And WOW! Watching this on the 52” LCD I was amazed at the quality. With just a few tweaks on the Theaters internal settings you couldn’t even tell I was watching a 700mb file and not an 8gb DVD. If you’ve got one of these and want the quality to look even better hook it up to an HD tv with 120hz Upconvert and be amazed!


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