Going Green

Fuji EnviroMAX: Earth Friendly Batteries

MSRP:  $6-$9

They’re all the same size and they fit snuggly into one of the many portable electronic devices that have become very common in our everyday lives. Most of us never even give a thought to how batteries are made or what harm they can do to our environment once they are discarded. Fuji EnviroMAX has been dedicated to developing one of the most enviornmentally respectful batteries on the planet for twenty years. Fuji EnviroMAX batteries continue to lead the way by setting rigorous safety and quality control standards to produce battery products that are safe for users and to the environment.

These batteries work! When it comes to reviewing a battery, there isn’t much I can say. Hey I got to use my discman! Sweet! But really, what is nice about these batteries is the small damage it does to the environment. That is the big problem with batteries these days. They are filled with chemicals and should be properly recycled. But that rarely happens. Instead people just toss out the AA’s from their camera… their D’s from the flashlights and toss them in the trash. With these batteries it’s ok to throw them away. Another good thing about these batteries, they aren’t much more expensive than regular batteries.. so you aren’t taking a huge chunk out of your wallet just to be eco-friendly.

But I do have one concern about batteries in general. How many people still use them? I can think of only three things I use that need batteries. My electronic dartboard, my razor… and a boombox from the 80’s. Most of today’s digital cameras include rechargeable battery packs.

The Bottomline:

If you are still using batteries when going camping or for other things around the house I say go with these instead. They cost about as much as regular batteries… are just as powerful, but are more eco-friendly. The only beef I would have with these batteries has nothing to do with the product at all. Currently you can only buy the batteries in small packages… Bring out the bulk!! Let me buy 20 AA batteries at once!


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