Washable Keyboards?! Can it Be!?

Unotron Washable Keyboards and Mice 

MSRP: 45.99+ Each

Whether clumsy consumers want to avoid costly replacements in the event of a spill or hospitals want to eliminate the germs residing on their keyboards and mice, Unotron SpillSeal® products are the perfect solution.

Have you ever taken a look UNDER the keys on your keyboard? Take a look down… gross. Dust, grime, hair, Pringles crumbs.. it’s all down there. Gross.


Well the pros are pretty obvious… YOU CAN WASH THESE! Now I am not talking about running through them a dishwasher… but you can run then under a faucet or stick them in the sink. So no Swine Flu (H1-N1 Virus, Infection A… whatever they are calling it these days) for you. According to Unotron, there is a 100% kill rate on these keyboards when used with disinfectant sprays. So bust out the Lysol spray and go to town. It will not damage these products.

They also feel like normal keyboards and mice. They don’t have any special shape, or come in a glass bubble. It’s just a straight up peripheral that looks like its inferior (germ infested) counterparts.


The Mouse may take getting used to. Since you have to push out the scroll wheel out to wash the mouse.. The physical wheel is not a button. Instead there is a tiny nub that acts as the scroll wheel button. It takes some getting used to, but that’s about it. Once you are used to it, you’re golden.

The Bottomline:

These are pretty cool. Once the word of the Swine Flu broke, Unotron got some sweet publicity. Kind of like right this very moment as you read this. But hey sanitation is something people are worrying about now. These things are perfect for hospitals, day cares, places were germs can easily be spread.

As for home use, the price of these products may scare some people away. Starting at 50 dollars a pop, these mice and keyboards don’t come cheap considering they aren’t wireless or have any special functions. But people should also look past the price considering they will be able to keep it clean without it getting grimey

Pick up your Unotron products at www.unotron.com


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